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3 reasons why professional customers choose Isopartner

3 reasons why professional customers choose Isopartner

As an experienced buyer, you are painfully aware that it can cost the company dearly to have a "wrong" supplier. Entire projects can be delayed due to failure of a single delivery. Many a claim for compensation has also plagued contractors who have isolated with products that have not met targets or lacked documentation. When it is also difficult to get answers and help from the supplier, it is not very pleasant.

Our customers * tell us that fast response time, delivery ability and product quality weigh heaviest when choosing a supplier of technical insulation. At Isopartner, we take our customers seriously. The feedback we receive has resulted in several concrete measures and improvements that have totally changed our customers' experience of shopping with us.

Because of this, our customers have given us top marks for our response time, delivery ability and product quality. As a buyer, you can be sure that we take care of your inquiries quickly, and that we deliver the goods punctually and to the right place. In terms of price, we can compete with anyone, but what we really stand out from others, according to our customers, is our speed and problem-solving angle. Should something go wrong, we usually fix it.

Isopartner AS is a Norwegian insulation wholesaler and a part of an European Insulation Group, IPCOM. We have a complete range of technical insulation, and only sell quality products from well-known manufacturers such as Rockwool, Paroc, Armacell and Isover, as well as many others.

* Data are taken from our latest customer survey

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