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Our History

Our company was founded in 1991 and has since 1992 been owned by the German insulation manufacturer Kaimann GmbH. In 2013 it was sold to a private equity group and became part of the IPCOM group. Since then we are known as Isopartner AS. 

warehouse building


  • June 5, 1991 - the company was founded
  • 1992: Establishment as Kaimann AS in Norway
  • 2008 and 2009: Gazelle company
  • April 2013: New main warehouse was built outside Moss
  • Autumn 2013: Acquisition of IPCOM Group
  • January 2014: Company name change to Isopartner AS
  • October 2014: Expansion of warehouse in Oslo
  • April 2016: New warehouse and office in Bergen
  • March 2021: A new branch was established outside Trondheim

Logistic benefits

A brand new main warehouse, which houses a wide range of products for technical insulation, was built in 2013, and is strategically located outside Moss visible from the E6. Combined with a larger parking area and easier access for transport, loading and unloading, Isopartner ensures better delivery capacity and logistical advantages.

CEO of Isopartner AS, Arne Schultz, believes the new building will strengthen its competitiveness in Norway: - Excellent customer service is what has made us the preferred supplier of technical insulation on the market, and by that I mean rapid response to customer service, precise deliveries and quality products. It is also what will keep us on top and why we have made this investment. - In terms of logistics, this is a step forward for Isopartner AS. For our customers, I believe there will be an advance in even better customer service.

Mr. Schultz also explains how the new complex will better position the company in terms of new markets and opportunities: - The new warehouse means not only a lot of space for existing products, but also an opportunity to roll out new and exciting products.

warehouse Moss insulation