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Openinghours Easter 2023

Opening hours Easter 2023


Our opening hours are different during Easter. Check them here.

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Partneravtale mellom Isopartner og Glava: Marc Beyse og Arne Schultz (Isopartner), Roar Steen Holst og Jan-Thore Oseth (Glava)

ISOPARTNER enters into a partnership agreement with Glava on the distribution of technical insulation


ISOPARTNER and Glava have entered into a partnership agreement that gives insulation contractors increased availability of technical insulation from Glava.

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Opening hours Easter 2022


Our opening hours are different at Easter. Discover the changes.

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God sommer 2021 Isopartner No

Opening hours summer 2021

  • Moss department: Normal opening hours throughout the summer.
  • Oslo department: Normal opening hours throughout the summer.
  • Department Bergen: Closed week 27 - for ordering goods during that week, please contact department Moss - tel. 69 24 40 80.
  • Trondheim department: Normal opening hours throughout the summer.
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Welcome to our new website!


Isopartner is now launching a new website, focusing on usability through easy navigation and focus on the company's business areas.

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mistakes at construction site

3 pitfalls when installing halogen-free elastomeric insulation


Standard cellular rubber and halogen-free cellular rubber insulation can have different properties and behavior when processing and assembling these. Read more about 3 pitfalls you should be aware of when installing this type of cellular rubber.

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Insulation classification for various types of construction


Norwegian Standard sets rules for maximum heat loss. The requirements are given in six insulation classes depending on operating time and the difference between operating and ambient temperature. We will take a closer look at these six insulation classes.

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rulle produkter

Acoustic solutions in buildings


Isopartner offers a number of solutions in acoustic insulation

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Insulation requirements for shipbuilding products


The large product range can make it difficult to find the right product. We take a closer look at how to choose the right product and we will look at areas of use, requirements for the product, installation methods and documentation.

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sound bounces

Comfort and silence with sound-absorbing products


HVAC-systems make noise from one room to another. Without acoustic treatment, pipes and ducts act as paths where sound can be transmitted throughout the building.

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fjær i vinden

Environmental effect with less weight of insulation


Weight is playing an increasingly important role in the entire insulation industry. Less emphasis on insulation allows for cost savings and has an environmental effect. Together with Bjørn Frostmann from Armacell GmbH, Norway, we have looked at factors that must be taken into account when it comes to weight and weight calculation.

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frozen pipeline

Right insulation can reduce heat loss


When a water pipe is located in confined / unheated rooms, where the ambient temperature can drop to 0˚C, it can have the consequence that the water freezes, the water pipe expands and thus cracks.

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New Key Account Manager


Trond Erik Johansen is employed as Key Account Manager (KAM) in Isopartner and comes from Kaefer Construction where he has been project manager in recent years.

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logo jotun

New supplier of fire paint on steel

bygge tillit

Trust through innovation and testing


Building trust to succeed in bringing new products to market is absolutely crucial. Manufacturers of insulation products build this trust by testing their products according to requirements and standards, but also through constant innovation and innovation.

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Prosess industri anlegg

High temperature requirements in the process industry


In the metal and process industry, one is dependent on insulation materials withstanding higher temperatures than usual. AES fiber products meet the high temperature requirements between 1200 ° C and 1500 ° C.

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fjær på vann

Lower installation costs and less weight


Reduced fuel consumption or better payload on Marine and Offshore installations is a result of lighter insulation products and solutions installed on vessels or offshore buildings.

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Passive fire protection in a building


Why are fire spread and fire processes two important reasons for fire development? We take a closer look at what is passive fire protection in a building?

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Disposal of cellular rubber insulation


Waste management of insulation products and especially cellular rubber is a topic that is often discussed and there are 3 things that you should think about when you consider whether cellular rubber is special or residual waste.

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Grønt blad med utskåret fabrikk i bladet

BREEAM NOR in the insulation industry


BREEAM NOR certifies new buildings, rehabilitations, extensions and a combination of these and requirements are set for scoring.

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man who can not sleep because of noise

Simple and effective sound insulation of drain pipes and roof downspouts


Are you bothered by noise in the hotel room, in your own home or in the office? It may be that the drain pipes or roof downspouts are not properly soundproofed. A good soundproof building can be the key to a simpler and more harmonious everyday life.

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oil plattform

Reducing corrosion under insulation


Corrosion is the most costly problem the industry has today, both on- and offshore. Due to corrosion under insulation on pipes and equipment (CUI), companies are forced to repair and / or replace large parts at significant costs. This shortens the life of industrial plants.

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Trondheim warehouse inside

An industrial investment in Central and Northern Norway 


Isopartner AS is growing and has established a new department outside Trondheim at Sveberg in Malvik municipality. The warehouse at Sveberg allows for a wide and expanded product range. It gives us enough room to be able to stock the products the market demands and to be able to deliver quickly to customers in Central and Northern Norway.

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pipe with raindrops_condensation

Wet insulation materials do not insulate!


Armaflex 'insulation materials protect well against moisture absorption and ensure long-term high energy efficiency

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Terostat belegg på et LNGanlegg

Advantages of Foamglas® insulation on offshore installations


Using Foamglas insulation on Offshore installations provides advantages over CUI (Corrosion under insulation) and did you know that Isopartner has a complete range of Foamglas products?

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Insulthin HT

InsulThin® HT - insulation which shortens installation time


Microporous insulation products have high temperature resistance, low heat conduction, are light in weight and have excellent resistance to changes in temperature. They are manufactured according to different specifications when it comes to density and flexibility.

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Pir rørskåler i LNG anlegg

PUR or PIR insulation?


In this article, we will consider the abbreviations PIR and PUR used in the construction industry and what is the difference between these.

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Calculation program for technical insulation


Calculus is Latin and means "a small stone to be reckoned with" - an appropriate name for a calculation program for stonewool insulation.

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