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Oil & Gas

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Providing products and solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Isopartner has both expertise and products for this segment. Our warehouse in Bergen, on the Norwegian west coast, is strategically located and the product range here is specially tailored for our customers and other companies working in the oil industry. We have long experience and high expertise in handling and delivering large and complex orders.

We provide products for thermal insulation and passive fire protection for offshore, petrochemical- and heavy industry sectors.


ProRox PS960 - Industrial Pipe Sections with WR-Tech™

WR-Tech ™ is an innovative water-repellent binder that reduces the risk of corrosion during insulation. ProRox PS 960 is a pre-formed tubular pipe section in non-combustible stonewool.

The product is suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of industrial pipes with high temperature. The product can be delivered with factory-applied reinforced aluminum foil.


Armaflex LTD 

Cellular rubber insulation for cryogenic and low temperature down to 180°C.

Highly flexible, cryogenic insulation material with closed cell structure for use in Armaflex cryogenic systems, which is reliable and provides good performance on industrial piping for process pipes and tanks.

armaflex ltd

Blind rivets by Goebel

In connection with insulation and construction, metal cladding systems are very important and it provides the basis for long life, low maintenance costs and reduced insulation heat loss. Using the right quality of fasteners such as screws and / or pop rivets plays a crucial role.

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Terostat belegg på et LNGanlegg

Advantages of Foamglas® insulation on offshore installations

Did you know that Isopartner has a complete range of Foamglas products?

Using Foamglas insulation on Offshore installations provides advantages over KUI (Corrosion under insulation). FOAMGLAS® Terostat Spacer Systems is a new distance insulation product from FOAMGLAS® Owens Corning where spacer elements are glued inside the cellular glass bowls to get the distance between the inside of the bowl and the tube. This is installation-friendly, cost-effective and less prone to corrosion during insulation.

Insulthin HT

InsulThin® HT - insulation which shortens installation time

Microporous insulation products have high temperature resistance, low heat conduction, are light in weight and have excellent resistance to changes in temperature. They are manufactured according to different specifications when it comes to density and flexibility.

High thermal stability, extremely low thermal conductivity and that the product does not dust are important in the offshore industry and the product InsulThin® HT meets these requirements, in addition to the insulation product being super thin.

Pir rørskåler i LNG anlegg

PUR or PIR insulation?

Abbreviations can have their disadvantages and advantages, one can misunderstand the content and it can create confusion. Nevertheless, abbreviations can be simplistic and time-saving.

In this article, we will consider the abbreviations PIR and PUR used in the construction industry and what is the difference between these.

Insulation requirements

Reducing corrosion under insulation

Corrosion is the most costly problem the industry has today, both on- and offshore. Due to corrosion under insulation on pipes and equipment (CUI), companies are forced to repair and / or replace large parts at significant costs. This shortens the life of industrial plants.

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