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HVAC insulation

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In our warehouses in Moss, Bergen and Oslo, Isopartner offers a wide range of products for the HVAC industry. Our goal is to ensure good and effective solutions for you as a customer.

You find these products and more in our webshop:

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Insulation classification for various types of construction

Norwegian Standard sets rules for maximum heat loss. The requirements are given in six insulation classes depending on operating time and the difference between operating and ambient temperature. We will take a closer look at these six insulation classes.

frozen pipeline

Right insulation can reduce heat loss

When a water pipe is located in heated / unheated rooms, where the ambient temperature can drop to 0˚C, it can have the consequence that the water freezes, the water pipe expands and thus cracks.

teknisk rom

3 pitfalls when installing halogen-free elastomeric insulation

Standard cellular rubber and halogen-free cellular rubber insulation can have different properties and behavior when processing and assembling these. Read more about 3 pitfalls you should be aware of when installing this type of cellular rubber.


Disposal of cellular rubber insulation

Waste management of insulation products and especially cellular rubber is a topic that is often discussed and there are 3 things that you should think about when you consider whether cellular rubber is special or residual waste.

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