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High Temperature Solutions

Isopartner the wholesaler for high temperature insulation products and solutions in Norway

The process industry is dependent on that insulation materials withstand higher temperatures than usual. While glass and stone wool are used for insulation at lower temperatures (averaging between 200°C - 500°C), AES fiber products meet the high temperature requirements of around 1200°C. Through its collaboration with suppliers like Insulcon, Foamglas and others, Isopartner has had access to high temperature products for a long time and now there are constantly improvements in the market.

We offer products such as:

  • AES Fiber with or without aluminum foil, which meets the high temperature requirements between 1200°C and 1500°C
  • Nanoporous Super Insulation (aerogel insulation), used in industry where the temperature requirements are as low as -270°C
  • Technical clothing
  • Various accessories that belong to this segment

Product Selection


Insulfrax LTX

INSULFRAX® LTX blanket is the next generation of body soluble INSULFRAX ® products. INSULFRAX® LTX offers the same benefits as previous INSULFRAX® blankets (INSULFRAX® S and INSULFRAX® LT), now with physical properties enhanced to improve both thermal performance and handling.



Silicone-coated fiberglass cloth that has high resistance to chemicals and is flexible at high temperatures.

  • Temperature up to 260ºC
  • Tissue: 420 grams / m²
  • Gray silicone on one side 80gr / m² or two sides 80 + 60gr / m²
  • Width 1000 mm / 1300 mm
  • About 50m² / 65m² per roll 

Other fiberglass products

Tank skip med full last

Lower installation costs with proper insulation

Reduced fuel consumption or better payload on offshore installations is a result of lighter insulation products installed on offshore buildings.

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High temperature insulation materials can withstand to which temperatures?

Through the collaboration with Insulcon, Isopartner has had access to high-temperature products for a long time and there are constant improvements in the market.

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Prosess industri anlegg

Our partners for high temperature solutions