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Calculation programs 

Calculation programs for technical insulation in heating and cooling applications

The correct calculation of the insulation thickness is one of the basics of technical insulation. To calculate the insulation thickness to prevent condensation, the heat flow density, the surface temperature, temperature changes in flowing and stationary fluids, and their freezing time. Factors such as the medium- and ambient temperature must be taken into account. 

Some programs will also calculate the necessary insulation thickness to prevent condensation in a single layer or multiple layers - all depending on the structural and variable parameters such as the fluid, the ambient temperature and the humidity.

The calculation tools from producers like ROCKWOOL, PAROC, ARMACELL and KAIMANN on this page will help you with planning.

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Calculates insulation thicknesses, pipe distance, heat loss and surface temperature for technical installations according to NS-EN 12828 and NS-EN ISO 12241

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PAROC® Calculus™ 

PAROC Calculus is a calculation program for thermal insulation of pipes, ducts, tanks etc. Calculus is Latin and means "a small stone to be reckoned with" - an appropriate name for a calculation program for insulation with mineralwool.

When designing installations in both homes and industry, solutions are currently required that are both energy efficient and save the environment. With PAROC Calculus you can calculate optimal insulation solutions for technical insulation.

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Armawin Armacell

ArmaWin by Armacell

The main requirement of low-temperature insulation is to prevent condensation. In addition to the quality of the material and installation, the correct insulation thickness is decisive in achieving long-term condensation control, especially in high humidity conditions.

To calculate the insulation thickness it is necessary to know or define the medium / line temperature, ambient temperature and relative humidity to determine the thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficient of both the insulation and the object to be insulated (pipe, tank or duct etc). These calculations can be made more easily using the latest version of the ArmaWin program provided by Armacell.

ArmaWin can be used to determine not only the minimum insulation thickness required for condensation control, but also:

  • Surface temperature
  • Heat flow
  • Temperature changes in flowing and stationary media
  • Freezing times for water pipes
  • The most economical insulation thicknesses, i.e. those with the shortest pay-back periods

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Dimensioning of Conlit for fire protection of various steel structures. Conlit fire protection is a calculation program that quickly and easily helps you to dimension Conlit for fire protection of various steel structures.

CONLIT fire protection is a system that is based on passive fire protection and fire protection and that utilizes the good properties that ROCKWOOL insulation has.

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Kaimann Thickness Calculator - Kaicalc

The Kaimann thickness & performance calculator is a powerful calculation engine that calculates insulation performance in accordance with the EN ISO 12241 standard. Aside from calculating thickness, the Kaimann calculator determines levels of performance when the thickness is known and can produce a range of illustrative graphs in real time.

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Rockassist Calculation program

Rockassist is a unique state of the art calculation tool for thermal calculations of technical installations in the process industry, marine & offshore.

The calculation program Rockassist  calculates the reduce of heat loss by using our insulation products as well as the insulation thickness for personal protection. There is also the possibilty to calculate the reduce of  CO2 emission. The more complexed calculations such as cooling in pipes are also among the possibilities. Ofcourse is everything calculated according VDI standards. 

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PAROC®HVAC Fire Calculator


Paroc offers a wide range of fire insulation solutions for both rectangular and circular ducts. The calculation program helps you choose the right solution in addition to calculating the solution's weight and material consumption.

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