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Advantages of Foamglas® insulation on offshore installations

Did you know that Isopartner has a complete range of Foamglas products?

Using Foamglas insulation on Offshore installations provides advantages over CUI (Corrosion under insulation). FOAMGLAS® Terostat Spacer Systems is a new distance insulation product from FOAMGLAS® Owens Corning where spacer elements are glued inside the cellular glass bowls to get the distance between the inside of the bowl and the tube. This is installation-friendly, cost-effective and less prone to corrosion during insulation.

Another advantage of the Foamglas Terostat Spacer System is the acoustic properties.

Isopartner in Bergen has started to stock, in addition to Foamglas sealants, this product range:


Briefly about the product Foamglas®

FOAMGLAS® is a light, rigid and durable insulation material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells and offers a unique combination of properties such as long-lasting insulation. It is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to satisfy different building requirements and industry specifications.

Other benefits:

  • Non-combustibility
  • Inorganic
  • Environmentally friendly

Short delivery times on prefabricated FOAMGLAS® insulation

The premises of Isopartner at Kokstad in Bergen are excellent for being able to stock the prefabricated products for FOAMGLAS®. - Storage area of ​​over 1,500m² and the location in the center of Kokstad makes this possible, says Gerry Hilt, regional manager in Isopartner dept. Bergen. - Both accessibility to the products and not least the good transport agreements Isopartner has are important factors. We can send the insulation all over the country from Bergen with short delivery times.