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Noise in the hotel room, in your own home or in the office?

Effective sound insulation

You may have experienced it yourself: you are on holiday, staying at the hotel and suddenly you hear your neighbor showering and the water running down the drain. Or you are sitting in the office while it is raining outside, and you are disturbed that the water is flowing down the roof drain.

Noise from sewer pipes often creates challenges in apartments, accommodation and teaching buildings, where it can be demanding to achieve sufficiently low noise levels. Draining from the washbasin, shower, emptying the bath or toilet can cause disturbing noise levels, but flushing from the toilet almost always gives the highest noise levels, and that is what you should focus on in a design or control situation. Sound from liquid flow in drain pipes is an easily recognizable noise, and it is very often experienced as disturbing in quiet surroundings (Sintef Byggforsk).

Isopartner stocks good cellular rubber solutions

To satisfy the limit values, you must, among other things, mount a sound absorber around pipes. The sound insulation materials from Armacell® have several layers and provide better sound insulation with less thickness compared to traditional products. Due to their flexibility, they can also be mounted in places with little space.

ArmaComfort AB Alu and ArmaComfort AB Alu + are highly efficient sound insulation solutions that have been specially developed for this application. Tests conducted by the French certification organization Center Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB) show that the sound pressure level in a roof drainage system from Geberit with a volume flow of 2 l / s can be reduced by 16 dB (A) with ArmaComfort AB. The same product mounted on a PVC pipe where strong vibrations occur when water flows through, shows a noise reduction of 12 dB (A). The human ear perceives a reduction of 10dB as a halving of the noise level.

Good fire properties and low smoke density in case of fire

Not only do ArmaComfort AB Alu and ArmaComfort AB Alu + have very good sound-absorbing and noise-reducing properties throughout the relevant building acoustic frequency range - regardless of whether they are used on cast iron pipes or plastic pipes, they also have very good fire properties and smoke resistance in case of fire.

ArmaComfort AB Alu has a fire class B-s1, d0, which is the best fire class for organic products. The product has a closed cell structure based on Armaflex®, and therefore also prevents condensation.